The following are unsolicited testimonials by clients whose written words are reprinted with permission:

“So glad we are FB friends now because otherwise I’d miss my regular dose of the Singletons.  You guys are so great, I can’t imagine going through all this with anyone else.  It was wonderful to feel like I had both of you looking out for me the whole time and I could turn to you for anything… no matter how far out of the scope of your responsibilities.  It felt like you took care of me as family.  I’ll be recommending you to everyone I know.  Thanks so much!” – Jessica, buy and sale in Mt. Pleasant, and buy in Alexandria.

“Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Guess three is the most you can write without it looking over the top, but how do you thank someone for helping you find your home.  No words can ever express our gratitude.  You two really are the best at what you do, and to top it off, you’re two of the most genuine, hard working, fun people.  We’ve really enjoyed getting to know you through this process and not only have a house but life-long friends.” – Katie & Brian, buy in Chevy Chase.


“It has been a pleasure getting to walk through the process of buying our first home with you both.  Your professionalism, attentiveness and warmth made it such an enjoyable experience.  Thank you!” – Amabel & Andrew, buy and sale in Capitol Hill.

“While we LOVE our home, we are sad the search is over because we won’t get to see you as often.  Thank you so much for everything.  We feel so fortunate to have you both on our team – for this and our future homes.” – Ali & Stuart, sale in Georgetown, buy and sale in DelRay, and buy in Bethesda.

 “What a pleasure it has been to work with you and get to know you!  We are thrilled to move and so appreciate all the counsel, advice and guidance with our new home!” – Angela & Josh, buy in Chevy Chase, MD.

“We are very grateful to both of you for helping us find our 1st home which we love!  You both have been so wonderful to us in this process.  We’ve learned so much but we always felt you “had our backs” in every situation.  And we know we relied on you a lot, so thank you a thousand times for your care and support.  You two are truly wonderful people and we love you guys!” – Yasmine & Ronce, buy in Capitol Hill.

“Hard to believe that both sales are complete.  We do appreciate the great work that you both have done and helpful advice in the process.  We would never have found this home had you guys not introduced us to this great neighborhood, and you did a great job selling our condo.  We are exhausted, but really happy too.” – Will & Lauren, sale in U Street and buy in Bethesda.

“Thanks so much for helping me buy my first new home!  You made everything seem so effortless and were there to answer all my questions.  I think I won the real estate agents lottery when I found you two to help me out.  You’re simply the best!” – Amanda, buy in Arlington.

“Thanks so much to both of you!  Your experience and professionalism really pulled it through.  We couldn’t have gotten that result with anyone else.” – Stratton & Meg, buys in Arlington & Alexandria, sales in the West End & Glover Park.

“We want to thank you for all you did to make our real estate experience such a flawless, stress-free and actually pleasurable experience.  Your experience, high degree of professionalism and personal attention to detail was all we could have hoped for.  We doubt very many people have such good fortune in the buying/selling process and we consider ourselves lucky to have been in your capable hands.” – Steve & Asri, sale in Berkley/Palisades.

“Words can’t describe our feelings for both of you. You were always there; never wavered or lost faith. It is truly amazing that in the toughest of circumstances you never wilted. We wouldn’t and couldn’t have made it without you two. And the best part is that you did it with CLASS. So I guess a simple THANK YOU would do for now. But then again, my teen aged daughter’s everyday expression – ‘You guys ROCK’ is closer to our heart. May God bless you two.” – Manzoor & Tasmeea, buy in Bethesda.

“You’ve both been terrific throughout. You work incredibly hard; you answered every question we posed; you pushed our offer to the limit (even though we’re wondering whether you thought we were crossing the line, but you never once hinted that we were crazy)…. and all the while, you made it seem so simple and fun. You convey a very strong sense of ability, knowledge, confidence and just plain love for what you do — all of which make it so much easier for everyone involved. Thank you!” – Barb & Jon, first buy in Columbia Heights, and sale in Arlington.

“You two make it very easy and fun.  You stayed on the sidelines waiting for us to ask for help, but checked in with us every so often to be sure we remembered you were there.  We love the no pressure approach.  And then when we decided to act, on a holiday weekend no less, you bent over backward to make sure our stuff was in order.  Really in order.  And after our contract was accepted, I must admit to not thinking twice about things coming together on your end.  That’s a true testament to the faith we have in you because I’m a hard core Type A personality who doesn’t turn over the reins easily:)  It was a great experience all around and of course we’ll stay in touch and let you know the moment we’re in the market again.” – Barb & Jon, second buy in Columbia Heights.

“Thank you for the professional help and personal touch. It is refreshing to experience such quality care when, in today’s world, it is rare to find.” – Ketan, buys in Georgetown & Woodley Park.

“You and Skip are just a terrific team. The way you guys know my taste – and I’m sure any client’s taste – is really quite amazing. Your saavy in getting me into a truly unique, value neighborhood – a place I might otherwise not find or think of myself – well, that’s where the life artistry comes in. Thank you. And thanks for the negotiating skill and instinct that got me in at the more affordable range.” – Bruce, buy and sale in Palisades, and buy in Bethesda.

“I know I speak for both of us when I say thank you for your hard work and dedication. You made us feel very comfortable (or as comfortable as can be during a process that can clearly become excruciating – not in our case thankfully). You guys make a great team and can be assured anytime someone asks, you will come highly recommended.” – Keith & Jackie, buy and sale in Georgetown, and buy and sale in Cleveland Park.

“You both have been brilliant in your counsel and guidance throughout each and every interaction.  We are fortunate to have worked with you, and to have had you navigating us through the last month and a half.  We woke up to a delightful new home, in large part thanks to you.” – Pete & Liz, buy in Logan.

“We are still in la la land about the way things turned out. Only 2 weeks and 2 days from start to finish – can you believe? You guys did a great job!” – Maria & Bob, sale in Capitol Hill & buy in Chevy Chase.

“Thank you so much for your help in finding, financing, and purchasing our first home. The experience couldn’t have been smoother or more successful.” – Tanya & John, buy in Mt. Pleasant.

“Both of you have been so helpful, patient, thorough and professional (fun too!). We will miss you and look forward to working with you again (investment opportunities!).” – Barbara & Art, two sales in Glover Park, and buy in Chevy Chase.

“I really want to thank you both for the great job selling our houses. I really think the buyers could see how straightforward, honest and hardworking you both are… most agents are closing up shop 15 minutes before the OPEN is over, yet you were still there hours after the OPEN! You certainly go the extra mile and it definitely shows.” – Bill & Kate, three buy/sales in Capitol Hill, buy/sale in Foxhall, buy/sale in Kent, and buy in McLean. 

“I know you have many clients who simultaneously need attention but you both never fail to make me feel like I’m the only one!” – Mary Ann, buy/sale in North Cleveland Park, and buy in Palisades.

“I just wanted to take a moment to send a note to let you know how much I appreciate your professional service and even more, your warm friendship. You guys are the best! You listen, you know what I like, what I don’t like, and you don’t push just to make the sale. On the selling side, I truly believe I would not have sold my house in only 24 hours if it weren’t for Debbie’s excellent advice about the little things I could do to prepare and enhance the house for sale – a definite case of your experience and expertise paying off! I recommend you to my friends and colleagues without reservation and always feel a little sad for them if they don’t take my advice – I know they’re missing out on the best!” – Nadia, sale in Bethesda, buys in Adams Morgan, Dupont & Columbia Heights.

“Your thoughtfulness, wealth of knowledge, efficiency and warmth combined to help us find the perfect home and to make the entire process seamless and even enjoyable.” – Ted & Rachel, buy in American University Park.

“I can’t get over how fast you are. Now, I know we needed to switch realtors.” – Kristin & Ryan, sale and buy in Bethesda.

“You both were always so informative, helpful and supportive! It was such a pleasure working with you.” – Andrea, buy in Glover Park.

“Thanks so much for remembering our home anniversary last month. It means a lot to us that you continue to keep in touch. We will never forget all the help you gave us in the purchase of our first home.” –Adina & Dave, buy in Fairfax.

“Thanks again for the weekend of house hunting. You are going to spoil us into thinking that buying a house will always be this easy.  You two are the best!”– Derek & Sarah, buys in Arlington and McLean, and buy/sale in DelRay.

“Thanks so much to you and Skip for your sage advice and tireless effort! Both buying and selling homes with you have been more smooth than I imagined. I really enjoyed working with you and appreciate that you’ve stayed in touch long after the sale. You’ve made the real estate process fun!” – Nilmini, sale in Dupont, buy/sale in Columbia Heights, Logan, and U Street.

“Thank you again for your hard work, kind words, and generous support. We both appreciate your talents and expertise immensely and feel very strongly that we wouldn’t have our house if we had used any other realtors. It was such a positive experience overall that I can’t say enough good things about you two and your efficient and well-oiled team! I will definitely recommend you & Skip to any friend or family member looking in DC. And you will be the first persons we call when we are ready to move into another house!“ – Daniele & Tho, buy in Dupont/U Street.